dvsa approved JUEL CONTROL
Newcastle Under Lyme & Stoke On Trent
Julie Hancock ~ ADI 330854
DVSA ADI ~ Established 2006




Terms & Conditions:

1) The pupil must hold a valid driving licence for the category of vehicle being driven, this must be shown at the beginning of the first lesson, and the pupil must inform the instructor of any changes to that entitlement. 

2) The pupil must ensure that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs whilst on a lesson, please be aware of what is being consumed the night before, and check all information regarding prescription/non-prescription drugs with regards to driving/operation of machinery. 

3) The pupil must at all times be able to read in good daylight (with glasses or contact lenses if you wear them) the new style number plate from a distance of 20 metres (66 feet).

4) The instructor reserves the right to refuse the use of the instructors’ car for practical tests if the instructor feels that they have not reached a satisfactory standard.

5) When taking the driving test the pupil will be expected to have a lesson prior to the test and a test day rate of £60.00 will apply for use of manual car. £65.00 for use of automatic car. This fee includes the use of the fully insured car for the test time and the lesson prior to the test and the time to get pupil back home afterwards. Practical Test fees (currently £62) are payable directly to DSA. For further information on test fees see: http://www.direct.gov.uk 

6) The pupil is responsible for ensuring that all documentation required for the practical test is available for examination by the examiner and is up to date (details of the documentation required will be found on the confirmation letter issued by the DSA).

7) Whilst every care will be taken to ensure that pupils receive tuition at the scheduled time, all appointments  are made on the understanding that the instructor accepts no responsibility for the postponement of lessons and practical tests due to mechanical breakdown, instructor illness or any unforeseen reason.

8) The instructor is not responsible for driving test appointments postponed by the DSA.

9) If the pupil is late for the lesson the instructor reserves the right to finish the lesson at the arranged time and charge for the full lesson.

10) ALLOYS: "Alloygator" wheel protectors are used on the front wheels of each learning driver car to save excessive cost for any potential damage caused by a pupil during a lesson if they were to hit an object (eg: kerb) and damage the alloys. As damage to alloys and tyres are not covered under insurance premiums, you are agreeing under these terms to pay for the renewal of any Alloygator damaged whilst you are driving the vehicle. This is known as being responsible under the "*Duty of Care". The instructor at all times will endeavour to ensure the pupil, members of public, public property and the vehicle do not sustain any damage as much is as reasonably possible. Alloygator replacement is £35.00 per wheel. Please bear in mind damage to alloys can start at £90.00 per wheel.

*The Learner Driver’s Duty of Care:

Learner drivers have the same duty of care towards other road users as experienced drivers do – even if it’s their first time behind the wheel. The fact that they are inexperienced drivers bears no relevance in determining liability for injury caused to someone else in an accident for which the learner driver is at fault.

This principle was established in the case of Nettleship v. Watson[1971] where a learner driver crashed into a lamppost, injuring the person supervising her. The Court of Appeal ruled that all drivers, regardless of their level of experience, must meet the standards of a “reasonably competent, qualified driver.”



Lessons are payable in advance :

All booked driving lessons must be paid for in advance.
This can be done several ways:
1) Initial booking: Via Bank transfer.
2) Cash in advance, paid at the end of each lesson to secure the next booked slot. 
3) Block book upto 10 lessons. 

N.B: Your slot will NOT be confirmed if payment is not made within 12 hours of booking.

A) If you need to cancel a booked lesson, a new booking MUST be rebooked WITHIN 5 days of original slot to ensure there is no loss of payment.  
B) Lessons NOT rebooked within 5 days, any payments made will be forfeited at the current rate.
C) A cancellation for any reason with NO further lessons required will be refunded at the booked rate providing a minimum of 72 hours notice is given.
D)  Cancellations on the day of the lesson are subject to full payment subject to instructors discretion.

Amendments and terms are subject to instructors discretion.

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